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    Controlling the invocation of LiveCycle ES

    kc@dafolo.dk Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am not sure that this forum is the right one, but couldn't really find where I should put it. So here it goes as I am using PDF Generator for this project.


      I need to convert a lot of documents and at the end I need to gather them in one big PDF.


      Some of the document packs are very large and thereby might take a long time to merge into one big PDF, hence this process invocation might hog the server for a long time. This prevents smaller document packs (which might have to be generated in a hurry) to be prevented from accessing the server until the large document pack has been generated.


      What is the possibilities in Livecycle for controlling the queueing of the invocation of processes, is there any built in functions for load balancing?


      Thanks in advance



      Kim Christensen

      Dafolo A/S