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    Page numbers (1 of N) are cutoff when published

    Cherie Ann

      I am trying to use the new $$cpinfocurrentslides" of "$$cprdinfoslidecount$$" to paginate my file. I have two problems with that.

      1. When I publish it appears only on the first page, even though I set the text box for rest of the project.
      2. The text is cutoff. I can read only the top half of it. I have set the type font at 10 pitch and even reduced it to 9, but when it's published the font appears to grow to be bigger than the text box available for it! I tried changing the font setting within the text box from middle to top, but that didn't help.

      I would really like to use this great new feature, so if anyone has the fix, I'd appreciate hearing from you. THANKS.