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    Using mailto with variables

    saratogacoach Level 1


      I have been able to get the mailto protocol to work in an IPAQ with Win Mobile 5 and FlashLite 2.1. I'm using AS 2.

      GetURL("mailto:info@xxxxxx.com?subject=Feed  back&body=xyz")

      However, I can't figure out how to add a variable into the body. The variable,
      deviceID, is gotten onLoad by fscommand2, status = fscommand2("GetDeviceID", "deviceID"), so deviceID is populated by a value.

      The challenge would be to write a 'mailto' script that includes the deviceID in the email's body. I've tried several scripts for adding deviceID, but none work.

      For example:
      GetURL("mailto:info@xxxxxx.com?subject=Feed back&body="deviceID"") creates an error (too many "?) and using parentheses does not help. GetURL("mailto:info@xxxxxx.com?subject=Feed back&body=<deviceID>") also doesn't add the value of the deviceID variable, just puts <deviceID> into the message's body.

      Is this possible: populating the email message's body with the values of one or more variables?
      If yes, I would much appreciate any scripting syntax suggestion to accomplish this. I'm stuck.


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