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    Robohelp 7 hangs on loading new project


      I am using Robohelp 7 with Technical Communicator on a Windows XP 32 bit system, os version 2002 SP3


      As of late, I have been unable to open a new project with Robohelp 7. I can open existing projects- just not new ones.


      When I attempt to create a new project, watching the bottom left window, Robohelp hangs- I see a fully white screen with the title bar appearing disabled. So far I have waited up to two hours.


      Troubleshooting steps:


      I have attempted to build projects in different directories.

      I have cleaned out recent directories that help projects were built in



      This issue presented itself when I was actually trying to record a demo using Robohelp with Adobe Captivate, for what it is worth.