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    CFPDF thumbnail creation inconsistencies


      Hello there. I am using CFPDF to generate thumbnails of the first pages of PDF documents and I am getting some inconsistent results. I am hoping there is just something about PDFs I don't know and this isn't really a big deal. First off, we are running CF 8.0.1. Next, here is the issue:


      I create a thumbnail of one PDF and get a perfect little thumbnail. I run another PDF through the same code and I get a thumbnail that is missing the background and all images from the source PDF. I didn't make these PDFs, but to look at them in Acrobat I can't find anything at all different (document settings,etc).


      This is my code:


      <cfpdf action="thumbnail"


      Does the PDF that is losing its background and images need to be "flattened" somehow (sorry, I'm not a pdf expert)? I've tried creating the thumbnail in all different formats (jpg | png | tiff) and that didn't help. I've also tried both low and high resolutions. What am I missing?


      Thanks in advance.


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