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    Mailing Lists - Is there any?


      I can see OSMF has forums, just like this (General). What about mailing-lists? I find it more convinient to collaborate over mailing-list instead of forums, which makes me to visit it.


      I could not spot one, hence posting this question here.






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          greg_h__ Level 1

          Hi Abdul,

          You can subscribe via email to these forums at forums.adobe.com.


          When you are logged in and view the list, along the right is a

          "Notifications" box.  In the box is a link to "Receive email notifications".

          If you click that link, the email associated with the account will receive

          all future posts on that specific forum.  (For multiple forums, you just

          have to repeat clicking that link for each.)


          I am sending this reply via email.


          This email feature on the forums is relatively new.  I think it was within

          the last year that all forums at Adobe were upgrade to now include email



          I am mailing-list centric also.  I have found this new email support

          reasonably workable.