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    Copy & Paste Diagrams from PowerPoint 2008 to Illustrator CS3

    TheChadSD Level 1

      I have a 3 piece cycle diagram that has been created in PowerPoint (http://yfrog.com/3ycyclepngp) and would like to add it to a project I'm doing in Illustrator.  When I copy the graphic in PPT and move to Illustrator and select paste, nothing happens!


      I've tried a couple workarounds but not getting the results I want.  I tried the "Save as Picture" command in PPT to save the diagram as a PNG and even as a PDF and placed it in Illustrator but after trying the embed and LiveTrace options in Illustrator, I can not recreate a fully editable, clean version of the diagram.  Either I end up with a pixelated version of the file or its a vector graphic with smoothed edges on all the corners in the diagram.


      Is there a better way to do this?  And/or would it be easier to re-create this diagram in Illustrator?