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    Flash CS 4 and Dreamwaver 2004


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      1.            Buttons;            When flash button is selected and modifications for the button are complete I get an unknown error message. 

      ( see attachment; unkown error jpg)


      2.            Flash animations;            When a flash animaton is selected from  the assets panel of  Dreamweaver the animation works fine both in Dreamweaver and in browsers.


      3.            Image Viewer;               When the image viewer is opened the image viewer window opens.  When images are loaded into the viewer and captions are added they appear to work in Dreamweaver but they don’t move in sequence when the buttons are clicked.  In browsers the captions don’t appear.  If the window is closed and reopened all of the images have disappeared and just the image viewer returns.

                                                      The response I got from an inquiry to Adobe was; “The version of Dreamweaver has been discontinued and is no longer supported via phone or web cases. We only support versions CS3 andCS4 via telephone or web.

      Is it possible  to have interoperability between these two programs?  If so, how do I get it?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You appear to be discussing features built-in to Dreamweaver that involve Flash content, so you may get better information from the Dreamweaver forum in regards to using these feaures.


          It is unlikely that Dreamweaver 2004 would be compatible with Flash CS4, though compatibility is not really an issue since Flash has little use for Dreamweaver to do nything it needs to, and Dreamweaver is pretty much just a fancified text editor, where if you needed to incorporate Flash CS4 content you could have Flash publish the html code and then paste that code into the html file in Dreamweaver.