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    ACR and the Custom Settings option on the flyout menu...


      I am currently running the trial of CS4 to see if its worthy of my hard earned cash. I normally run CS3 and an old version of ACR (4.4.1) specifically for the reason that I can mass process a group of images by using the Custom Settings option in the flyout menu. (Select a file, adjust it, export it, select another or 10 from the same group, hit Custom Settings, and viola, all now have the same adjustments)


      Every ACR 'update' since that one took this option away from me.


      So, here's my quandary... Keep CS3 (and my hard earned $'s) using the old ACR... or figure out how to replace the quick adjustment options I had in CS3 with the New-and-Ever-So-Wonderful CS4...


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance!