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      here is my feedback after using Flash Catalyst for 4-5 days, on 2 projects, I hope it will help...
      Some points are related to the usability, oters are questions, and others are bugs,... (I'm on PC, with Windows Vista)


      1. The current version is really CPU & memory intensive, I think you know it :-)
      2. I really like the Heads-up display !!!
      3. When I import a SWF File that contains symbols (with linkage ID) I don't have these symbols in the library, so if I want to create a button skin for example, I can't use the different symbols from the swf, I need to declare it later in MXML in Flex 4 ...
      4. Also about the swf, I often use the Skin extension for Flash CS3 with Flex 3, the states management is really nice (define states & transition in the Flash IDE) Do you plan to keep it for Flash CS4 & Gumbo ? Is it already possible ?
      5. In the documentation pdf file I have seen that we can select the type of project to create, either Flash Player or Adobe AIR But I can't find it in the beta release ...
      6. It could be nice to add the possibility to organize the library : create folder, sort by name, ... For example : When using package library, it could be nice to be able to group each library in a corresponding folder and not to have everything mixed together ...
      7. I have imported a psd file, I want to add a layer, but I can't do it without adding a folder. If I drag from the library, or if I copy and paste a new layer is created, but it's a strange behaviour in comparison with Flash, Photoshop, ... no ?
      8. Is it possible to define the 9 Slice Scaling guides ?  It could be really usefull I think... It could also optimize/minimize the size of the final swf...
      9. Is it possible to work in related-size (%) and not always in fixed size ? I mean, to be able to create a kind-of fullscreen prototype in catalyst with % width & height ...
      10. I've removed a custom component (data list) from the stage, but I hadn't yet link the repeated item, it was not used in my project anymore  but I had an error when compiling : "there is an error with the component ..." it was because it was present in the library,  so I had to go in Source mode to remove the mxml component manually ...
      11. My mouse Wheel doesn't work to scroll the layer list, or the library list.
      12. Add the number of time an item is used in the project in the library ? So it's easier to clean the library ?
      13. If I want to copy the name of an item in the library by double-clicking on the object and pressing ctrl-c, a strange caracter is displayed
      14. It could be nice to have the hand to move the stage like in another adobe products, I'm used to press the space bar and drag the stage :-)
      15. In the transition Timeline, it could be helpfull to be able to select multiple layer to extend their size to change the length of a transition, like in the Flash IDE.
      16. A crash happened, when I have restarted Catalyst, it asked me to recover my last project, then I tryed to save it again, and it proposed me "null.fxp"for the project name, I renamed it, then it crashed again ...
      17. When I convert a group of layer to a custom component, it could be nice to automatically select the new custom component in the library. For example : if I want to rename it, I can't do it from the layer pannel, so I need to search into the library panel to rename it.
      18. If I right-click on a custom component and select convert to illustration, is it possible to remove the old custom component from the library ?  If, for example I made a mistake while doing a custom component, and I want to restart it from scrach, I can't use the same name because the previous one is always in the library ...
      19. When I create a custom TextInput, it could be nice to have other states like focusIn, ... and to be able to remove the default halo, I know I can do the Focus In state by embeddeing the TextInput in a custom component, but it always have the default halo so it's not really usefull :-)
      20. When I double click on an item in the library it could be nice to open it on the stage, like in the Flash IDE.
      21. If I edit a custom button on the stage, I can't change it's layer name, it's in grey, I can always double click on it and change the name but it's not saved,  I have to go back on the stage and then update the layer name.


      Thanks for the good work !



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          nicolaslair Level 1



          I just wanted to let you know that we released a first version of an Air Application named Bandgeek built with Flex4 (beta) and Flash Catalyst (beta)  by 2 guys in 2 weeks time. Flash catalyst really helped us to win a lot of time to do it.


          BandGeek gives you the possibility to get almost all information on the web  about a band and/or song with one click by using various api’s and webservices (like LastFm, YahooMusic, Songsterr, Lyricsfly,Youtube and Flickr).


          It's a free application showcase, if you love music, give it a try



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            acath Level 4

            This is awesome! I think you're the first person to release an app based on Catalyst!


            One huge list of feedback deserves another, so here's my (perhaps obvious) feedback, from someone who would really like to use BandGeek:


            1.  Forced fullscreen mode feels very weird on the Mac.

            2.  BandGeek won't let me search while another search is in progress. This is annoying - can't it just cancel the existing search? It's especially annoying because BandGeek starts with a random artist, and I have to wait for that to load before I can continue.

            3.  The experience feels discombobulated. Some things that might help:


            •   Navigation: a breadcrumb bar, back/forward controls, or even a URL bar (that I could use to bookmark a BandGeek page or send it to a friend) would make it feel more continuous.


            •   Optionally playing music continuously - maybe by piping in a Pandora or LastFM station for the current artist?


            •   More pictures. When I search for "Michael Jackson", I get one photo of him, a huge block of text, and a huger white screen with some navigation boxes in it. Why not put pictures or icons in the navigation boxes? Why not put faded-out photos in the background?


            •   Artist-specific branding.

            4.  The embedded "Chords & Tabs" player is totally sweet, but I don't understand the sheet music. I was expecting either a lead sheet (a la Fake Book), or just chord names and lyrics (e.g. http://www.azchords.com/s/shins-tabs-8023/newslang-tabs-237125.html ). Instead, I got TAB for a random part of the music (the "Beat It" tab was just for the guitar solo, and it didn't actually have the notes of the solo - just the riff that the rhythm guitar was playing (you know - da da da DA da, da da BUM BUM, da da da DA da, da da dum)).  What's up?

            5.  Sections should link to each other - discography should link to related tabs, images, and (ideally) song previews.

            6.  Do the Shins have a foot fetish? Look at the images on their page...

            7.  Which brings me to a more general point...the image browser is a bit confusing. Maybe the images should be ordered by relevance, or browsable by album ("MJ at the Apollo '98", "Amherst Talent Show '03").

            8.  It's really awesome to have all of this information aggregated in one place.


            My apologies, of course, if any of these issues are due to Catalyst or Flex limitations =).


            Great work! I'm excited to watch this evolve!



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              nicolaslair Level 1

              Hi Adam,


              thanks a lot for your huge feedback list, it's really nice !!!

              We released a new version of BandGeek today, we tried to optimize some part of the application, but some points ar still on the list for a next update.

              We also added the google map API for the shows ...But you will not be blocked in a fullscreen mode application anymore


              Give it a try if you want, we also added a custom Air Version check (normal Air update doesn't work if Flex4 for the moment) so next time a new update will be available, it will be directly displayed  in your BandGeek application ... I will not spam you anymore


              Thanks for your feedback again






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                acath Level 4

                Great progress! It's really fun to watch this develop...



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                  acath Level 4

                  Hi Niko,

                  And now to respond to your FC feedback...

                  1) Yup, we’re working on it.

                  2) Great!

                  3) We know about this limitation and we’re working on it.

                  4) Here’s a link to the latest Flash Component Kit: http://opensource.adobe.com/svn/opensource/flex/sdk/trunk/frameworks/flash-integration/
                  You might want to try the Flex 4 beta forum if you have more questions about it.

                  5) I’m not sure what documentation you’re looking for, but the current version of Catalyst can’t create AIR projects. However, you can easily convert a Catalyst project to an AIR Project in Flash Builder (right click on the project > Convert to AIR project).

                  6) Yup, this is on our list =)

                  7) Catalyst “Layers” (which have a folder icon) are analogous to Flash and Illustrator’s Layers (which have no icon, if I recall correctly), and Photoshop’s Layer Folders. Like Flash or Illustrator, Catalyst’s layers contain objects (components, vectors, or bitmaps). Photoshop’s “Layers” are somewhat unique, and don’t have an anolog in Catalyst, Flash, or Illustrator.

                  8) Unfortunately, the current version of Catalyst doesn’t support 9-slice. You can add 9-slice in Flash Builder, however.

                  9) Ditto. The current version of Catalyst doesn’t support creating any kind of resizable UI.

                  10) Yup, it’s on our list.

                  11) On the list.

                  12) Good idea. I’ll add this to the enhancement request list.

                  13) This is a known bug.

                  14) Check out the next beta ;-).

                  15) Check out the next beta ;-).

                  16) This is a known bug.

                  17) Good idea. I’ve added this to the list.

                  18) I’m not so sure about this one. It could be that you don’t want that instance, but you still want the component around. In that case, you wouldn’t want Catalyst to delete the component on you. If you made a mistake and want to undo it...why don’t you use undo instead?

                  19) We talked a lot about how to expose these “minor” states. Since we didn’t have a great solution, we decided to cut it from the first version. But it’s definitely on the radar.

                  20) Added to the list.

                  21) I don’t quite understand. Can you send more detail?

                  Thanks for all the details!


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                    One more problem with Flash Catalyst:

                    No Internet access when Flash Catalyst in open.