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    Skinning in Flex 4 with SWF assets




      I have to do a project that uses a gfx library to skin a Flex application and that same gfx library will be use to skin some Flash components for a website.

      I'm looking for the easiest and fastest way to do it for design & code & design updates ...


      I did some test with catalyst but I have to use SWF files for the design which is not really possible in Catalyst (you can't see the symbols from the swf in the library, ...) So I did some research on how to skin a Flex4 app with SWF skins and I didn't find anything new. Basically what you have to do is the same as in Flex3, use the Embed(source="test.swf", symbol="myButton"). Am I right ?


      I often use the Skin extension for Flash CS3, which allows me the define the states and transitions for a specific component, is it also possible in Flex 4 ? Or should I have to create a separate symbol for each state, and declare every Embed + states + transitions in the Skin component ?


      And a last question, I can't see the Skin/component extension in Flash CS4 anymore. When I create a new document from a template, I don't see the Flex templates anymore.... Is it normal ?


      Thanks in advance,