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    Region OF Interest


      So recently my Region of interest broke.... Let me explain, for quite a while I have been setting up all of my renders to render to a region of interest. I had problems at first but figured out how to make it ALWAYS work. (simply having the comp open when you set the render options virtually guarantees it will work) In any case. suddenly in this project when I turn on the ROI in the comp viewer layers get displaced?? It's very strange since they really have no reason to. Mostly this is happening with Trapcode 3D stroke layers. Anybody else seen this? is there a fix?




      Thanks, Chris

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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          Could you post a pic of before/after Roi (using the camera icon).


          If you disable the Stroke layer, does the rest of the comp get still displaced? What if you precomp you 3D stroke layer, or nest yourt comp inside a new comp (by dragging it from the project panel on the new comp icon) ?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            If it's specific to the plug-in, then very likely it's a bug where the comp view area is not being queried correctly and thus the camera projection is calculated wrongly. If you can provide a project and some screenshots for reference we can verify...



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              Anti-M Level 1

              Okay I can't really post project files, as they are quite large and proprietary but here are the screenshots....





              Notice how I simply click the ROI button and the 3-D stroke itself shifts? The mask stays in the same place, and it's a simple effect with only the opacity

              keyframed. Yes the effect shifts because you can see the mask stays aligned with the bg.





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                TimeRemapper Level 4

                In the screenshots, you're viewing from the "Front" camera.

                Does the same thing happen if you view from the Active Camera, or your custom cameras?

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                  Anti-M Level 1

                  Not using any cameras, but I noticed something interesting just now. If I make it a 3-D layer (even though there are no 3-d transforms) it will snap back into position. Even though Trapcodes documentation says "Always apply 3-D stroke to a comp-sized 2D layer"?

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                    Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                    Actually what Steve said is your solution - Front is not your comp camera. 3DStroke and any other 3D-ish plug-in do use the comp camera, which without any physical camera existing is assumed to be the gate of your composition. Therefore working in any otehr view than Comp is guaranteed to cause problems. For 3DStroke itself you can simply turn off comp camera usage, but for other plug-ins that don't offer that option, you may wish to keep that bit of info in the back of your head.