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    FLVPlayback audio but no video when streaming

    k.bitgood Level 1

      I have a flash program that loads an external flv dynamically. I first create an empty movie clip then I attach an instance of the FLVPlayback component using Moviclip.attachMovie();. Then i control the FLVPlayback component with AS2. I have a play and pause button, a scrubber, and a loading progress bar.  None of these are components. When I publish and preview the file in Flash CS4, Adobe Flash Player 10, and all my internet browsers everything works fine, all the buttons, the multiple functions of the scrubber, and even the loading progress bar. However when I uploaded all the files from my computer to my company's server and tested it from there, I recieved audio but no video. All of the various controls still worked for the audio but I couldn't see anything on the stage. If I waited for the loading progress bar to complete and then reloaded the external flv then I got video, but the purpose of this program is to stream the video and I cannot have the users waiting for a preloader. Please help me to get my video to show and not just my audio.


      If you want to look at my FLVPlayback code here it is:

      lesson_mc.lesson_video.contentPath = page.attributes.url;
      lesson_mc.lesson_video.autoSize = true;
      lesson_mc.lesson_video.autoRewind = false;
      lesson_mc.lesson_video.autoPlay = true;
      lesson_mc.lesson_video.bufferTime = 20;