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    Out of memory

    Varleyhall Level 1

      I have edited a project in Adobe Premiere Elements 4 with large JPEG files (imported from Photoshop 6) mixed with movie clips and accompanying music (15 minutes long).

      I have attempted to export and render into an AVI movie file prior to DVD burning; half way through the rendering process, I get the message OUT OF MEMORY. I would be grateful for tips to resolve this problem.


      Many thanks,



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, you might want to read this ARTICLE on large still images.


          Next, see this ARTICLE on the information that will likely help someone to help you better.


          Last, this ARTICLE will give you some background on motion Assets, especially AVI's, but also MPEG's and MOV files.


          Please post back with more info and someone can likely help you.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            As Hunt says, the chief reason for out of memory problems is using photos that are larger than 1000x750 pixels in size.

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              Varleyhall Level 1

              Thanks to Hunt and Steve Grisetti. I'm sure the problem lies with overly large still images. For the problematic project, I had not only used overly large still images (I've used them before) but a large number of them!

              I'm going to work through the first ARTICLE quoted by the wine snob (some homework for a beginner like me!) and then have another try.

              Many thanks for your rapid reply and help!



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                Varleyhall Level 1

                Thanks, Steve. Both replies have been very helpful!



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  By preprocessing the images, two things happen. The quality of the resizing is better using PS (its an image processing program afterall), and the resource usage by PrE is much lower. Each overly large image takes up resources x the number of images. PrE (and any NLE for that matter) requires a lot of resources to begin with. I find nothing to be gained, and actually something to be lost, when working with any Assets that are larger, or more comples (think CODEC's here), than is necessary. Note: NLE is Non Linear Editor.


                  I'm kinda' boring, in that I resize and convert to DV-AVI Type II, everything outside of my NLE program, before I Import. OTOH, I can work on 8 hour + Projects (in PrPro - never tried it with PrE), and never have any OOM (Out of Memory) errors.


                  I am just as boring, because I do my DVD authoring with the same exact workflow, Project to Project. For me, everything will go into Adobe Encore (think of a more powerful version of PrE's DVD Disc section for authoring the DVD and the navigation), as an elemental stream, i.e. one Video-only DV-AVI Type II, and one Audio-only AC3 (I do DD 5.1 SS for most Projects). Each pair of files represents one Chapter for me. That is the way that I edit. In Encore, I just drag the corresponding Audio-only file to the appropriate Video Timeline and it snaps into place. I build my Menus, set my Links and add any Playlists that I need. Check Project, then Preview and finally Burn. Because of the way that I edit and the lack of Chapter Markers, I've never even used Encore's Chapter Playlists function, except to test other people's Projects.


                  I can almost do the mechanics of this blindfolded. Every now and then, I'll even take a raw Project and see how quickly I can complete it.


                  Set up a workflow that works. Stick to that, and do not deviate. You will benefit, and your computer will handle the workload better for it.


                  Good luck,