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    PP Sequences Imported as Footage Not Comp


      Hello. I am having a sudden and strange problem.


      I am trying to import a Premiere sequence into After Effects and am having the sequence show up as Footage. I have imported another sequence from the same project and it imported perfectly (sequential layers, footage, folders) but now my sequences are showing up as a timeline only viewable as one chunk of footage.

      As a test, I tried to import the sequence that had imported flawlessly and now that one will not import as a comp, only footage.


      When importing by File->Import->(click project) I see the drop down box for Import as: but I only have the option for Import as Footage, Import as Comp is greyed out. I get the Dynamic Link box for selecting the sequence, and it shows up as footage in AE.


      When importing through File->Adobe Dynamic Link->(project name)->(sequence) I get the same result.


      Am I missing something? Are there settings needed to be changed despite me not changing them in the first place?


      I am on a Mac Pro, 8-core 2.66Ghz, 12GB RAM, using CS4 Master Collection