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    help syncing two audio tracks




      I've been reading online help and even watching tutorials and I can't find the answer for my problem. I have two audio tracks, one audio track from my camera and the other audio track from a shotgun microphone. Both audio tracks have a loud "clap" to make them match. But when I move them, no matter which one, they move one second and I can't make them match at the point I want. Here's the picture of it:


      I need both audio tracks (Audio 1 and Audio 3) to match at the white lines, but if, for example, I move the Audio 1 to the left, the white line will be at the Red line. When I'm moving the audio track it indicates is going to move one second. How can I make it move half of a second or even less?... instead of moving one second. I'm using the closest zoom and can't get enough precision.


      Thanks for the help.