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    Save As button

    jay fresno Level 2

      I created a form using Microsoft Word for the layout, and added form fields in Acrobat. Then I opened the form in LiveCycle because I like the calendar feature that LiveCycle has for date fields. The problem is that I had a Save As button field in the Acrobat form, but it doesn't work in LiveCycle. Does anyone know a way to enable a Save As button in LiveCycle? (The Print Button that I made in the Acrobat form works fine.)

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          As far as I'm aware LiveCycle is fully capable of submitting the completed form to a URL, server, or e-mail address, but there is no Save-As function.  There is a blank button that you can configure, but I'm not sure how to make it a Save As button.  You can also only enable users to save the filled PDF in Acrobat.  I am curious, though, how you inserted a Save As button into your document in Acrobat?

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            jay fresno Level 2

            Hi Mhoenig,


            Thanks for the information. Sounds like it may not be possible to add a Save As button in LiveCycle.


            To make a Save As button in Acrobat is easy. You insert a button field, and in Actions properties choose Execute a menu item. Then choose File > Save As from the list.

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              form1.S1.Buttons2.Btn::click - (JavaScript, client)







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                jay fresno Level 2



                Thanks for this script. It has been a while since I posted my original question and in the meantime I had given up on LiveCycle. I find Acrobat forms so much easier to create than LiveCycle forms.


                But now that you offered a script to make the Save As button work, I gave it a try -- and it works perfectly! Thanks again.

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                  LARadtke Level 1

                  I need a save as button- can you dumb this down so that a non-coder can do this? I don't know a lot about it, but I follow instructions well, and I can tell syntax well in about any code. If you could do a "Save as button for dummies" explaination, you'd be #1 in my book!

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                    pguerett Level 6

                    Are you trying to save the entire form or just the data in the form?



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                      LARadtke Level 1

                      Our clients fill out these forms and like to keep a copy for themselves, so it doesn't even have to be editable after the fact. I've been telling them to

                      print to PDF since save as is disabled in reader.

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                        pguerett Level 6

                        By default, Reader cannot save the form with data in it. You will have to Reader Extend the form to allow this. You can do that in Acrobat .....open the form in Acrobat and under the Advanced menu choose the Extend Features in Adobe Reader. Just follow the wizard and then try it with the saved form. You will be able to use the File/SaveAs functionality to save your form. If you want to use a button that can be setup as well.