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    HD Playback in Premiere CS4


      OK, I don't want to sound like a broken record here.  I know there's plenty of problems with HD playback on CS4 regardless of the system you're on, but I can't see a reason why I'm still having stutter / slow playback on this system:


      HP xw4300 Workstation with Windos XP SP3

      Nvidia Quadro FX 1400

      4 CPU 3.4GHz

      RAID 0 with 2 new hitachi 7200 RPM 640GB drives


      Speed test says average transfer for the RAID is 200MB/s, which (from what I understand) should be more than enough for an AVCHD 60i stream.  I also tried to capture via Blackmagic Intensity with the same results.


      Some folks say it's CPU, others say drive speed, others say it's a problem with CS4 displaying interlaced footage.  I can see now why this is enough for some folks to switch to FCP.  RIght now, I'll take any answer.  Help!

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          robertchapin Level 1

          ...oh, and 3.5GB ram.


          and I've tried lowering the playback resolution to draft with no luck.

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            robertchapin Level 1

            Nothing like posting on a forum to have your question answered for you.  It turns out I can capture fine in Blackmagic YUV format, but JPG was being a bear.  AVCHD still eludes me though.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              No wonder AVCHD still eludes you. Your system is way underpowered for that material and even for HDV it is no more than marginally adequate. Further your disk setup is severely lacking. It is a bad idea to raid0 your boot disk and not have at least 2 or more physical drives for editing.


              You may not like the message, but it is time for a new system.

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                robertchapin Level 1

                Thanks for getting back to me!  After reading these forums, I figured AVCHD was gonna need more firepower - even though the Adobe CS4 specs say otherwise.


                And no, I didn't RAID my boot disc.  That would be a seperate drive from the 2 Hitachis.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  OK, that makes you disk setup a lot clearer. From what you posted and what I read, you only had 2 Hitachi disks raided. Hence my remark and this shows again that we can only read what you and others write and if that information is incomplete, it may lead responders to draw false conclusions.


                  In a previous system I had a P4 3.4 GHz and while editing HDV was somewhat possible, it was taxing on the system, in my case causing temperature problems and PSU (power supply unit) problems. AVCHD is a completely different animal and despite what Adobe says, IMO requires at least a finely tuned i7 system that is somewhat OC'ed to around 3.6 GHZ to be able to edit that material in a decent way. You will still not get any real fluid, RT experience, but you can get by.


                  The problem is that AVCHD is a good delivery format, but a lousy format to edit. Salespeople do not know that, or do not tell prospective buyers that even though the cameras are relatively cheap, it is completely offset by the required investment in PC hardware to edit the material. IMO a Canon HV40 is a much better investment for around the same price as a comparable AVCHD camera, but much nicer on your PC budget and your editing experience.

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                    robertchapin Level 1

                    Thanks again for the feedback Harm.  It looks like I'm actually doing well just using Blackmagic's Intensity card and HD codec.  It means I have to digitize everything, but I'm used to logging footage anyway.  I'm also going back to CS3 since it seems more stable / less taxing on the system.  Looks like CS4 will just have to stay on the shelf until Adobe works out the bugs - or until enough users go over to FCP.

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                      Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Actually I would also get rid of your Quadro FX 1400.  I have one and found with benchmarks that with my 8800GT Premiere Pro CS4 is faster.  I cannot technically explain why.  If you have access to any old PCIe graphics card try it.  I have a Quadro FX1400 setting next to my system that I am going to eBay one of these days.