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    [CS3][JS]avoid overlap image?

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         When I am placing graphic/Image, Is there any way to avoid overlap image( the image lie on the top of other image)? When I am placing textframe in the document, textframe has the textwrappreferences to avoid the overlap. Like that is it possible with Image? I have placed my graphic/image inside the textframe/rectangle.


      Please advice me.Sorry for any confusion.





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          You should understand what happens with the text in a text frame, when it hits the border of a Text Wrapped object. The text itself reflows; yet, it stays inside its own text frame. If the text frame is not large enough to contain the reformatted text, you get the red 'overflow' marker.


          Now imagine there is such a thing such as Image Wrap. You import an image and -- as usual -- you want its frame to have exactly the size of the image itself. What happens if you drag this frame over another one? The image inside the image frame should shift, but where to? (As there is no such thing as 'overset image' -- you would need to invent that too!) So, still analogous to our text frame-with-text (where the text frame is usually much larger than actually needed), you would need to make the image frame large enough to have a reasonable space for the image inside it to move around.


          You can even try this out right now: cut an image and paste it into a text frame. Set the text leading to Automatic, so the image stays totally inside the text frame. Now drag this frame over another one with text wrap and see what happens to the image.


          As this is the Scripting forum, I suppose one could write a javascript that checks whether any image overlaps any other, but having the same javascript solve it automatically seems a bit optimistic.