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    Keyboard Scroll Stops Working


      I know this issue has been posted before. I just wondered if there was any plan to fix soon?


      I'm running ADE 1.71 - Win XP Pro on 2 machines and can duplicate the problem down to the number of pages (aprox 30-40, depending on book) before the keyboard arrow/page down/page up keys stop working. This happens on ALL books I've tried: free, borrowed and purchased.


      So, Adobe got any plans to fix this issue? I won't be purchasing anymore EPub books until this extremely annoying "bug" is fixed.

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          I'm having the same problem and have for as long as this piece of sh*t was installed. I own hundreds of ebooks and it happens on all of them. Free, owned, borrowed etc. It's really annoying. It seems to happen within 15-30minutes or within 15-25pages. Like clockwork, it happens, although it can vary from book to book. Fixed when restarted. I've searched everywhere for an answer, but no.

          If you at least can't fix it then update acrobat reader to read these documents so there's a way around D.E. As it is now I'm switching over to Microsoft Reader, everything to avoid D.E.

          I read somewhere else on your forums about the same problem - that was posted well over a year ago! Not acceptable time not to have this fixed!