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    Finelizing in Adobe Premiere Elements 7


      I use Adobe Première 7 with Vista. When I burn a video project at a DVD+RW everything goes perfect. However I did not find the possibility to finalize the DVD for using other DVD players. (on T.V.).

      So I am not sure the burning will be complete.  Sometimes with playing the burned DVD it stops (catches) a part of a second. Is it possible the cause of catching will be the deficiency of the finalizing??


      H. Kuiphof, Holland

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Not sure if I can help. I use DVD RW's to test each Project, before I burn to the delivery DVD.


          I use high-quality media, burn at the slowest speed possilbe but then I use Adobe Encore for this. The RW's are only for tests and not for final delivery in my case. All RW's have played fine on all of my test units, plus in several computer DVD drives with software DVD players.


          About all 10 of my RW's has seen many uses, some maybe 5-10 burns during the testing phase. No issues yet.


          Now, exactly how PrE handles RW media is unclear to me. There might be an issue, but I am not aware of one.


          What I would suggest is to Burn to Folder, and then use ImgBurn (a small, but excellent, freeware program) to do the actual burning. It offers much more control, and especially with burn speed, than does PrE. Burn as slowly, as is possible. ImgBurn allows one to set this.


          I'd also not recommend using RW media as a delivery format, as many, especially older, set-top players do not handle any flavor of RW well.


          Maybe others will know exactly how PrE handles the RW's and can give you specific instructions.


          Good luck,



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            Kuiphof Level 1

            Thank you very much. I shall try what you have advised.


            Unfortunately, until now there was not someone else who would know how Pre

            handles the RW's to give specific instructions




            H. Kuiphof,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I use Adobe Encore for my authoring and most of my burning. It contains the same Sonic authorcore, as PrE, though with many more modules. There, I can just check Erase Rewritable Media," and it does it for me. I also know that ImgBurn (should be a link up thread) will do the same, plus also allow one to burn at a much lower speed.


              Also, my rec. for RW was for testing purposes. I do not find them to be good distribution media. All of my set-top "test" players handle them, but not all machines out in the market.


              Good luck,



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                One word of warning, though. Some DVD players can have trouble playing RW discs.


                Once you've created your DVD files, per Hunt's suggestion, you're probably better off burning to a DVD+R or DVD-R for playing on a DVD player. (As a matter of fact, the fact that you're using an RW could be why you're having problems in the first place when you attempt to play the disc.)

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  The concept of DVD disc finalization is classically accepted in the realm of DVD-R and DVD+R, not DVD-RW and DVD+RW, the rewriteable discs. If there is any doubt in your mind about what Premiere Elements is doing or not doing in this regard, you would be on safer ground using the DVD-R or DVD+R instead, disc types suggested by SG.


                  You asked about how Premiere Elements burn to disc is handling this “DVD disc finalization” business, so I decided to try a couple of experiments to see if I could figure it out since I did not come across any documentation on the matter.


                  First, shall we define DVD disc finalization as not being able to add any more files to the DVD disc after the first burn session? And how do we factor in or out the DVD disc type and burn software allowing you to add more media to the disc so that you “add to” rather than “replace” the first burn media after the program forces you to erase the disc before burning the second time? I will describe what I observed, and we can decide later what to call it.


                  Using Record Now computer software and Premiere Elements 7 (Sonic burn software built-in)


                  Record Now


                  1. Burn Software option, Multisession, OFF

                  For DVD+RW disc, it did not matter if I had Record Now Multisession option On or Off, after the first burn of a group of photos from the hard drive, I was able to do a second burn adding another group of photos to the first. The burn program identified my disc as an “Appendable Disc”.

                  For DVD-RW disc, I got the same results as with DVD+RW with Record Multisession option Off.  There is a how to article online re: finalizing a DVD-RW.


                  Nero Burning Rom was said to be used with multisession turned Off to get the “finalized DVD-RW. Clearly my results with Record Now and DVD-RW did not support that approach, suggesting perhaps a burn software dependency for the approach to work??

                  For DVD-R as a control, Record Now, Multisession option Off, Record Now would not accept the DVD-R with the first burn and demanded “Insert Blank or Rewritable Disc”.


                  2. Burn Software option, Multisession, On

                  For DVD+RW disc, Record Now could add to DVD after the first burn (Appendable Disc Message)

                  However, for DVD-RW disc, Record Now could add to DVD disc, but only after the first burn erasure was OK’d.


                  Premiere Elements 7


                  1. As cited above with Record Now, Multisession ON, for DVD+RW disc, Record Now could add to DVD after the first burn (Appendable Disc Message)


                  2. If I took that DVD+RW with those burned in photos into Premiere Elements, put some photos on the Timeline, and then went to Share/Disc/Disc Burn to Disc, Premiere Elements let me use that disc for the DVD-VIDEO, but only after I had OK’d the erasure of prior content.


                  2. If I took that Premiere Elements DVD-VIDEO on DVD+RW disc, went back to Record Now and tried to burn some photos onto this DVD+RW, I received the message “Insert Blank or rewritable disc”.


                  This suggested to me that perhaps Premiere Elements 7 had indeed “finalized” the DVD-VIDEO on the DVD+RW disc. What do you think?


                  By the way, what does happen to your DVD-VIDEO glitch on playback when you use a DVD-R instead of DVD+RW disc?



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Good and thorough testing! Thank you for taking the time and for reporting your experiment.


                    Though I use DVD RW's a lot (both +RW's and -RW's), I ONLY use these for testing, to keep down the number of "coasters." I have been reusing a 10-pack of each type for some years now, and all but the most simple of Projects gets burned to one of those, and some several times. All of my set-top players handle the RW's (either type), so I shuttle these "test-only" discs between them, looking for any playability issues. If none are found on the array of set-top players, then I test on 2 computers, with 4 different brands of drives, using two different DVD software players. If all is still good (and I have not discovered any errors or problems in either my Assets, or in my navigation), I then retire the RW back to its case for use on the next Project. At that time, I use either Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden to burn the delivery disc/discs. I NEVER deliver a DVD RW (of either type), but use those just for testing. To repeat - I NEVER deliver an RW disc, but use them ONLY for testing purposes.


                    Now, my set-tops range from an esoteric ultra-high-end unit to two others by the same mfgr, but down their line quite a bit. I also have one BD/DVD player at a lower-mid level, and two ultra-cheapies. One is a US$49 "bargain-basement" unit, and one is a built-in with a TV. While I cannot match the exact equipment that will be common in my client-base, by testing on a wide array of units from several mfgr's, I attempt to "cover all bases."


                    To date, I have not had 1 disc come back for playability issues on all of the myriad set-tops that my clients have. Only return was a disc destroyed by the USPS in shipping. As I am just starting on my second bath of 1000 Taiyo Yudens and my second batch of 500 of my Verbatims, this is over 1500 DVD's burned and delivered. Obviously, I cannot say that all of my DVD's will play on ANY set-top player, just everyone that any of my clients have.


                    Again, thank you for taking the time to report on the "finalization" of DVD's. It's not something that I had really considered, as I do not use RW's for anything but testing. I also have never had the need to attemp to put more than one Project onto a DVD-Video, as first, you'd be trying to put 2 VIDEO_TS folders on the same disc, and because if I want more than one Project onto a DVD-Video, I just combine them in Encore first. Until your post, I had no idea as to which software might finalize a disc, and under which ciurcumstances. All that has ever concerned me was the playability of the discs that I deliver (remember, I never deliver any RW media).





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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      You suggest a point that I perhaps should have mentioned.


                      In my mini experiments I used the model of DVD-VIDEO and photos, rather than DVD-VIDEO and DVD-VIDEO since a DVD will not accept more than one VIDEO_TS, no matter what the disc format.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        I mentioned that with a purpose. I've fielded questions from users, who do wish to put more than one DVD-Video Project onto a single DVD-Video disc. This usually happens, when they have several small Projects and want to "fill up" the disc. Have not seen so many of these, since the introduction of BD and the fall in prices of DVD discs.


                        When one initially approaches this, it seems logical - just stick several smaller Projects onto a single disc, to use up the capacity. Unfortunately, as we both know, with DVD-Video, this will never work. For those users, the only method is to combine those smaller Projects into one, and then author/burn that combined Project to the one disc. Unfortunately, most had already burned the first small Project to disc, and many had even deleted that Project. Oops!


                        Like I said, I do not see that many requests for this nowadays, but going back 5-8 years, they were very common.


                        Thanks again for your work. Now I know much more about "Finalizing," than before.



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                          Kuiphof Level 1

                          Thank you Steve. Just a very good seller in a shop told me indeed it would

                          be better not to use RW with the final copy.


                          Henk Kuiphof.


                          Thank you for your advise

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                            Kuiphof Level 1

                            Thank you so much Romano, for your extensive answer. I understand  I shall

                            have more success not to use RW with the final copy.


                            This week I was not able to finalize a disc. After investigation the cause

                            was that the disc was nearly full and so there was no room for finalizing.


                            I did not know that was possible.




                            H. Kuiphof.