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    Pagemaker on Vista


      I've been using Pagemaker 6.5 for years.  I just purchased a computer which runs Vista.  What is the most inexpensive way for me to upgrade so that I can continue using Pagemaker and work with my previous documents?

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          You can't use PM in Vista.


          If you want to keep using PM (a mistake IMO) you need to keep using your old computer or anther old used computer that is similar old computers are cheap now.


          If you want to use your new computer you need InDesign. ID will open your old PM docs and is much better software. the learning curve maybe is going to be a bit steeper than if you had moved to ID sooner but all in all it is still similar to PM.

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            Buko. wrote:


            You can't use PM in Vista.


            Well, you can try, but I wouldn't count on a pleasant experience.

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              What Buko and Bob said…



              Iechyd da! John
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                This is a problem that Mac users had to deal with when Uncle Steve switched to the Intel chip since anything that was written for the Classic Mac OS will not work. There were also many problems with PM running in the Classic environment of OSX so the Mac users using PM has really dropped off. I have been telling Mac users that still want to use PM to get an old Mac or keep the one they have.


                Now finally Windows users have reached the point where this decade old software will not run on the new systems. Why Adobe keeps promoting dead software is a puzzle. Every time Adobe releases a new app to replace the old version the old app is removed, but not with PM. Maybe with the release of Windows 7 (is that right?) Adobe will come to their senses and stop selling PM. Had they done this sooner the learning curve of ID for the people switching from PM would not be so steep.

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                  Thanks for the reply.  If I switch to ID, are the files created in ID backwards compatible with any versions of Pagemaker?

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