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    Can I open RAW files in CS1?


      I appreciate I am behind on CS as I still have CS1 but can I open RAW files from a Canon 40D crop frame in CS1?

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          JimHess-5IFZWq Level 3

          There is a way that you can do this.  First of all, download and install Camera Raw 2.4.  It is available on the Adobe download site.  Then, download the DNG converter, latest version, currently 5.4.  Install the converter and use it to create Digital negative copies of your raw images.  Then you will be able to open those DNG files with Camera Raw 2.4.  However, Camera Raw has matured so significantly that it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get the maximum results from your images.  But at least you can get started.

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            Ramón G Castañeda Level 4



            Two things:


            • as Jim says, ACR 2.4—the latest version that will ever run in CS1—is light-years behind ACR 5.4 in CS4.  You'll be wasting a lot of image quality;  and


            • CS1 will cease to be eligible for any upgrade as soon as CD5 is announced in a few months.  Bite the bullet now, or pay full price for Photoshop in six months or so, maybe sooner.

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              JohnC131 Level 1

              Many thanks guys.  Your answers have not surprised me so have now got CS4.  But many thanks for takling the time to reply.