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            I am facing strange problem in Air only it works fine in browser. I am trying to download Binary  octet/stream data with URLLoader using AIR.

            Its working  .

      i have a download button a inputBox to enter file name and a list which shows the progrss of files being download. when i click download button it creates new instance of urlloader and adds it into the list . It works fine upto two file downloads concurrently but when i add third download in the list . It simply dosent works. and After 3,4 minutes it gives

      Error #2032: Stream Error


      This application works fine in browser but not working fine in air. Then i tried to analyze the packets whether AIR actually sends the urlRequest or not. and the answer is  no . It do not sends more then two request :s . Anyone facing similar problem ?



      i checked server error log


      i found this


      index forbidden by rule: , referer: app:/testing.swf


      it seems the problem is due to Air sends one extra header 'Referer' , How can i ommit this header from the request ?





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          ATIF FAROOQ Level 3

          After googling for some time i have figured Out . Air also follow the RFC standard for max 2 persistent http connections per host. So the alternative is to use Custom Socket and make multiple request on the same openened Persistent connection.