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    Trying To Make An Interactive Flash Map

    kilerb Level 1

      Hi there...  I was watching a tutorial on Youtube that was pretty cool.  It showed you how to make a geographical map in Fireworks or photoshop, then put it in flash so that every city would highlight when you roll the mouse over it.  I need an interactive map for the site I'm creating right now, and really want a map similar to this.  On my map I would like to have all the cities listed to the left in text, then the map to the right.  When you scroll over the city name, it highlights on the map.  I'd like to make each city a hyperlink to a different spot on my website.  Any chance someone could give me a brief "how to" or point me in the direction of a tutorial that might help?  I've been searching all over the net and haven't had much luck.  I'm pretty good with Photoshop, but haven't really used Flash much.  Any help would be appreciated!  I've already created the map in Photoshop and have each city as a layer.  Not sure if that will help any, and of course I can flatten the image if that's not needed, but that's what I have so far...


      Thanks a lot!