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    TypeError: matches has no properties


      Encountered this when trying to export CSS and Images.  What does it mean?  See attached for your referrence.


      Thanks in advance!

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          gideon007 Level 1

          So, instead of leaving the text areas unsliced. I've resorted back to what I did in CS3 and sliced everything leaving text to be filled in Dreamweaver.  It worked without the Error Message.  I'd still like to take full advantage of typing in the content only once CS4.  What am I doing wrong?

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            Ty5on Level 2

            Well it's not fireworks, but google led me here... same issue with Dreamweaver, getting, "dreamweaver.jpgTranslate error: TypeError: matches has no properties". I googled that phrase, and found this, saw it was unanswered and thought that my addition may help someone do the problem solving. Maybe it is a similiar issue do to the fact they are both image editing packages... they are both Adobe... So it makes me wonder what is the commonality in this? I'm not using any custom web fonts. Hmmmmmm. The link to the file I'm working on is: americanjunkieaz.com/index2.html. Any help is appreciatedc and sorry to cross app post; but it seemed relevant do the the commonalities afore mentioned. Thanks.

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              Priyanka Herur

              These kind of errors are seen while executing Javascript.

              Fireworks has Javascript APIs that can be used to perform certain functions such as reading text/rectangle properties,etc.

              The error was seen due to the ellipses that were present inside a text "....." .You can flatten the element shown in the image and retry.