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    panel player editing

      Is it possible to change or remove the small adobe logo from the player panel?
      Is it possible to change the font style used in the panel itself? I was hoping to add a bolder font matching my clients
      current font style.
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          catholicon Level 1
          Presenter 7 help suggests way to change the Adobe logo on the playbar. You need to put a custom logo swf file named 'logo.swf' in your <PresenterInstallLocation>\Templates\. Suggested stage size for the swf is 47x27. You can always reduce the size so that the swf is just tiny spec. If nothing is drawn on the swf file, then the loaded swf file should show up as transparent.

          Regarding the fonts, all fonts (name, size, bold, italic, shadowed) are listed in vconfig.xml. You can choose to modify it in your published folder for a one-time change. OR you can update the <PresenterInstallLocation>\Themes\language.xml to make the change permanent to your installation.
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            beta_test Level 1
            thanks for the help! I'll give that a try.