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    (sorry for double thread) I have problems installing and uninstalling

    Impulse Fire Level 1

      sorry that i posted 2 things in one day but  whenever i uninstall After effects it gives me a message at the end that says "some problems occured while uninstalling please look below" there are no messages below and i cant do anything about it. also after i try uninstalling its still there in the uninstall/remove programs and if i try to uninstall that it says "choose the stuff you want to uninstall" and it will usually give me a list of things but it doesnt. and if i proceed to uninstall it odesnt do anything and stops responding. When i tried to install it the first time it said said there were somethings that werent installed please restart and retry it again and the more info button shows a list of things that went wrong like templates, 3 party content, 16x9 dv movie, footage and projects, all of those things have an error and some sort of fatal error i think 1609 or something i dont want to reinstall Vista i just did 2 days ago and AAE has never done this before please reply i appreciate it.