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    Please bring back TGA Transparency


      I read that Photoshop supported transparency in 7.0 but then they removed the feature. Please, please, please, bring this feature back. There are some people (like me) who have used 7.0 and find this feature extremely useful. Manually creating alpha channels doesn't always work very well and its also very time consuming. It makes it so much easier to have them automatically saved with transparency.


      I think there should be an optional plugin to download for all newer versions, or a toggle that lets you choose between alpha channel support and transparency support when saving TGA files.


      If they do this, I will definately purchase a new version of photoshop. But until then I will have to just continue using 7.0.0.

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          If we do that, we'll need options on open and save asking how to handle the fourth channel.


          Transparency in TGA was misunderstood and misused by too many people....

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            djs89 Level 1

            Thats why there should be an option for those who do understand transparency and want to use it. They could always make it alpha-channel based by default for the majority of users, but still allow transparency as an option or preference for advanced users. I read that people were disappointed with the original 7.0 because they made it based off transparency without alpha channel support (or was that a bug?). Rather than removing transparency altogether, they should have fixed it so it allowed both formats.