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    Camera noise

    mejanr Level 1


      I have a clip of an insect chewing a leaf and I would like to be able to turn up the sound without the camera noise as well. Is there a facility in PE7 to delete the camera noise only? I saw that there is a Denoiser in help, but I do not understand how it works.

      Can anyone help?


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          For this type of critical noise removal, one is far more likely to get decent results in a program like Adobe Audition. There, one can isolate the noise profile and remove it fairly effectively. It is not easy, nor is it perfect. It takes a lot of listening and adjusting.


          The freeware audio editor, Audacity, might have some of those capabilities, but as I have Audition, I have never explored it for that purpose. Hoever, with the proper EQ and gate filters, one might be able to isolate and diminish the bad frequencies, while increasing the amplitude of the required frequencies. Where they overlap, there will be issues.


          Good luck,




          PS the secret to shooting this sort of material is to use a "blimp," or a "barney" for the camera, or to use a very directional shotgun mic only.

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            Paul_LS Level 4

            Tutorial here on using the free Audacity for eliminating background noise:


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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Good one. I assumed that Audacity could help, but have just not used it for that purpose. I did not want to send the OP on a "wild goose" chase.


              Thanks for pointing to the tutorial.


              I hate to recommend an expensive (albeit very powerful) program, like Audition, even if it is by Adobe. Having a freeware tool available is always nice.



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                mejanr Level 1

                Excellent thankyou!