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    Video editing: glossy or matte monitor

    catch.catch Level 1

      hello friends,


      i am about to buy a new monitor for myself but am not able to make a decision. should i go for glossy monitor or matte monitor. i find colors on glossy monitor very sharp and vivid.


      i am planning to go for hp 2009f model which is 20". it is a glossy monitor.


      i wanted to know which one shud i go for.


      my main work wud be video editing and animation. is there anyone around who is using lcd monitor for video editing and animation?


      kindly englighten.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Hi Catch,


          You are in a catch 22 situation.


          First of all, 20" is about minimum dimensions for a single display. Second, HP is pretty expensive for what they offer. I have a notebook with a 16.4" glossy screen and my personal feeling is it shows much more vivid colors than a matte screen. OK for office applications, but not for editing. I also have two 20" monitors for my video machine, which are matte. I do recognize that the colors are not as vibrant as on a glossy screen, but much more natural. Neither are suitable for color correction, so it boils down to personal taste. For color correction you need a properly calibrated CRT monitor or a high end LCD ($ 4K+) monitor.