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    Pagination in Advanced DataGrid

      I have a advanced datagrid to which I need to apply pagination. I have data on the client side.
      I have created a paging component which divides the data into number of pages depending on how many items are there in the collection .If there are 100 items it divides them into 10 pages each having 10 items. First time it displays first 10 items but clicking on the next page number it shows the same .

      So I want to know how can we refresh the advancedDatagrid each time going to the next ten items.

      Any examples ???

      Any help is appreciated.
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          Are you switching dataproviders? I build this same exact thing but i was dealing with 4000 items at 50 items per page. I used an ArrayCollection to store my pages and an array for the currently viewed page. It work seemlessly with our having to refresh the datagrid but i have seen others use _myAdvancedDatagridName.refresh(). Hope this helps