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    The Real Windows 7, Better than the RC Version

    PaulieDC Level 2

      I have a Microsoft TechNet subscription which enabled me to download Windows 7 Professional (the real version that's coming out in October to the stores). Microsoft released it to TechNet and MSDN subscribers on Thursday. SO, today was "wipe the hard drive and reinstall everything clean" day. I just built my i7 rig last month and used 7 Release Candidate, and had run PassMark s few times to get some scores. Once I reimaged with the real 7 today, I ran the PassMark tests again, and lo and behold my scores were 10-15% higher, all things being equal. Actually, the one difference was a setting in the BIOS, I had my WD Raptor set on IDE with the first build, and when I reimaged this time I set it to ACHI. Other than that, no changes.


      So for those who have been using 7 Beta and RC, the real RTM version has a little performance gain to offer, which is nice. ANNNND, wait until you see how much faster Windows 7 boots up and shuts down compared to Vista. That alone is worth the price of admission.


      Oh, speaking of boot times, here's a trick for Vista (and 7) users to make boot time go quicker:

      • Click Start-->Run
      • Type "msconfig"
      • When the form opens, click the "Boot" tab
      • Click the "Advanced Options" button
      • On that form, check the "Number of Processors" box
      • Then pick the max number from the dropdown list (should be equal to the number of cores/threads you have)
      • Click OK to everything and reboot.


      Viola! Windows will now use ALL of your cores when booting up. Yes, that's correct, by default Windows only uses ONE. Don't ask me... I just work here.