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    AE CS4 Is no longer importing my mpeg files - error 86: 1

    sinewave zero



      This is really weird. As of yesterday my HD mpeg files imported and played just fine in After Effects. Today I went to import a new clip (that I just captured in Premiere CS4) and it gave me error 86:1 saying it is an unsupported format, when it isn't.


      I have over 20 AE projects that contain mpeg clips from my camera, none of these projects will open any of these clips as of today. Every project I open gives me error after error saying this clip and that clip are unsupported then it says the clips are missing footage.  Yesterday everything was fine but today not so good.


      Does anyone know what the hell is going on here?


      I am on a Mac running the latest version of Leopard. I installed the 10.5.8 update a few days ago and these mpegs have opened in AE since then.So I am ruling that out


      Other than that everything else has been normal. As I said, yesterday these mpeg clips were working fine. Now they are not.


      any advice anyone can offer is appreciated.




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