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    regarding project


      hi everybody.... i am graduation student of computer engineering ....and curfrently in the last year of it.....want to develop my final year project using Adobe flex platform ...can anybody suggest me the idea for the project OR the place /source where i can get the idea about the project.....Thanks in advance

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          Don't make it too complex, otherwise you may find yourself in a pinch when the deadline is approaching.


          I suggest creating a Flex app simulating a site where users can go to buy photographs.


          You can use a HorizontalList for smaller images of the photos, and a larger Image control to show the photo currently selected in the HorizontalList.


          Create a Panel that has another Image control, some Text controls, a NumericStepper, and TextInput, which will display additional information on each currently selected photo, such as price, photographer, quantity to purchase, description of the photo, title.


          Just go on the web and look at other sites like this, and you will have more ideas. If you have more time you can use it to create login functionality, perhaps connecting to a MySQL database. You could create a nice shopping cart, etc.


          I think such an application is a good one for your purposes.


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            sudarshan1413 Level 1

            thanks greg.but we are not allowed to do the internet application....can u suggest me some desktop applications....and any other sources where i can get the samples of the same........I have to complete the whole project in 6-7 months....so suggest accordingly

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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6

              My suggested application does not have to be an internet application, you can build it as an AIR application.


              I don't think you are going to find much out there that will help you build this. If you did, it would be built.


              You just have to go through the process of coming up with the design specifications, build it, and post here so we can help along the way.


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