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    Trying to access webcam on my macbook pro through flash cs4




      Ive been trying to access my webcam on my macbook pro using flash cs4 in an attempt to try and use the live feed to detect levels of motion and from there use that information to alter / animate an image on the screen (idea being more movement = more change in image), however I cant seem to get my webcam to even stream out and play on a flash file.


      the code i am using is:


      //start code

      var camera;

      var video;



      camera = Camera.getCamera();

      video = new Video(camera.width * 2, camera.height * 20);






      //end code


      and when I run the file it asks for me to grant access to webcam / microphones (which is what it should do) but it doesnt stream to the file.

      Any help regarding this problem would be awesome, I hope I am being clear in what I'm doing, I'm generally pretty bad at explaining myself.


      Thanks in advance,