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    Win2000 Pro Question - FDISK

    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Every computer I have ever built has had a floppy drive, so I could use an old Dos boot disk and FDISK to do the initial hard drive partition


      Even my current computer, when I read up on dual booting, I used FDISK to create a 10% partition for Win2k for my Dv500 card, and the rest as a second partition into which I installed WinXp


      The Gigabyte motherboard I am going to use for an i7 build does not, unless I missed something, have a floppy controller



      That's Ok, since I will just set my DVD drive as first for booting in the Bios... but, since I've never set up a new drive with Win2kPro, I wanted to ask if Win2kPro has the equivalent of Fdisk to do the initial partitioning of a drive?


      And, if it does, would there be any reason that a SATA drive would work any different than the IDE drives I've always used?