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    Handling data with Flex from MySQL db


      Hi all,


      I am quite new to Flex and I was wondering if someone here could point me to a right direction with my problem;


      I'm creating a small game as an exercise for myself in learning Flex-programming.

      I have just implemented a way to save data to MySQL db by sending data via http-request to a php-site. This functionality just saves a name of the player and his or hers scores for one round.

      Now I'd like to recieve this data from MySQL-db back to the Flex site. I'd like to see the data in the ui via datagrid. What possibilities do I have to reach this data from the database (rather quick and easy ways but all suggestions are welcome) ? There are quite many fields for one row of data (username, login, scores, country, etc..).

      I was just reading about datamodels but did not figure out yet if it could be used as a solution here.

      How about XML-file, could it be used easily?



      Thanks in advance!