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    Using Symbol Timeline


      I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I've got a multi-element character animated in its own timeline, within its own symbol --- but it's not showing up in the main timeline, or on the stage when I exit the symbol and go back to the Main movie view.  How do I get the symbol's animation to integrate into the main scene?  What am I doing wrong?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you place an instance of the symbol on the stage as part of the main timeline?  If so, is the first frame of the symbol empty, or is the layer it is in turned off for viewing (eyeball symbol clicked on layer)?

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            VictorVector Level 1

            Thanks for your questions, Ned -- I think I just figured out what I did wrong.  I had not put an End frame in the Main Timeline, to cover the number of frames in the Symbol's timeline.  D'OH!  Sorry to trouble y'all.  Better luck next time.


            (Although, if anyone's reading this -- why do rotations sometimes get erratic in motion tweens?  They'll stray way off course and then *snap* into place in the second position on its frame.  Is it something to do with altering the pivot point location?  Thanks again, in advance, for any insights.)


            (This is Action Script 3.0, btw -- I know somebody mentioned preferring to know, to improve answers here.)