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    noob, with problems


      hello all, I'm a noob to all website design stuff, and this one looks nice and easy but i still have problems, I'm an artist and am trying to make my first site all though i have some good ideas, i have all way had a problem with making a site, the main problems i have is....

      1. what size resolution do you use for an average document.
      my ones are often two big...

      2. I want my banner and my enter button to stay in the center of the screen,
      because they often dissipate from left to right, like the picture below..
      how can i resolve this problem ....


      3. can you use a gif image (of say a moving logo)....

      if any one can help me out with these problems it would be a great help...thank you

      yours gratefully hickse

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          hicksen Level 1

          sorry i forgot to put in that i'm using a flash catalyst, a pc, and photoshop to try and make my website,

          the pic above is a screen pic of my two differnt monitors and all i really want to know is how to make, the

          site centered, in FC because i will be adding very decrative picture and i want it to stay in the center at all times,

          on any size screen in a maximized browzer,


          if i could get any answer it would be of great apprecation,


          thank u all

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            acath Level 4

            Hi Hickse,



            1.  Ideally, you'd be able to make your project resizable so it works on any size monitor. However, there's no way to do this in Catalyst right now. You can add resizability in Flash Builder, but you'll have to hack some code. I believe most web designers use a minimum resolution of 1024x768 these days.

            2.  That's all part of making your site resizable, which you can't do directly with the current version of Catalyst.

            3.  Catalyst doesn't support animated GIFs, but it does support embedded SWFs (Flash files). Can you turn your animation into a SWF?



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              acath Level 4

              By default, Catalyst does center your application within the page. However, the browser won't allow the SWF to go off to the left or top of your browser window. I suspect that your SWF is so wide it's running up against the edge of the page. Try making it smaller.



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                hicksen Level 1

                thank you for the help adem

                I have not made any gif or animation files yet they are of a later stage in my web site constuction,


                but what program can i make an swf file in any way...


                if i change the resolution it then gives me white border at each side, do u know if the is any way of changing the colour of those....


                my other question is that if i create a site in FC can i then take it in to flash builder to do the centering thing with the cobe....

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                  acath Level 4

                  Hi Hicksen,



                  1) Traditionally, you'd create a SWF in Flash Professional, Flash Catalyst, or Flash Builder.


                  However, there are many tools for converting an animated GIF to a SWF. I believe you can do it in Photoshop and Fireworks, and there are standalone converters as well.





                  2) Yeah, that's the white background of the HTML page showing through. I'll make sure we have an enhancement request on our list to automatically set that to the artboard color. When you publish the final site, you can tweak the HTML to have the same background color as the project. In deploy-to-web/Main.html, find this code:



                              html, body   



                          And this line: params.bgcolor = "SOME COLOR"; And change the first part to this:

                              html, body   






                  3) You can indeed take your project into Flash Builder and make changes, but that shouldn't be necessary to get the centering effect you want.




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