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    Assist plaese with PHP testing in Dreamweaver CS4


      Dear Friends,


      I’m completely new in Dreamweaver. I’ve just installed in my windowsXP PHP, MySQL and Apache. I’m trying to test PHP in Dreamweaver CS4. Here what I did but still could not see result in browser view.


      In site definition box,

      in local info:

      site name: PHP test

      local root folder: C:\wamp\www\

      HTTP address: http://localhost/PHPTest.php/


      In testing server:

                  Server model: PHP My SQL

                  Access: Local/Network

                  Testing server folder: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\

                  URL Prefix: http://localhost/PHPTest.php/


      Inside the body script in code view I inserted the following:


                  echo "This is a PHP line";




      When I try to see it in browser it shows: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

      Please tell me what I did wrong please.