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    Samples -- MetadataSample


      I see that there is now a new OSMF source available for download (file name:  osmf_source_s4.zip).


      The new source includes a new sample:  MetadataSample


      Might a member of the OSMF development team please provide an overview of this new sample?


      Am I correct that this sample is *NOT* intended to demonstrate the use of either cue point metadata or XMP metadata?  And that this sample is intended solely to demonstrate programmatically adding arbitrary name-value pairs?


      fyi ... My assumptions reflect a quick perusal of both the sample's code and the Feature Specification on Metadata Support.  Following is a (perhaps) relevant, minimal excerpt from the feature specification:

      Strobe provides a framework to support metadata of different formats, including name-value pairs, cue point metadata and XMP metadata.
      ... to be able to work consistently with programmatically-specified metadata and metadata that's extracted from a media asset.


      It is great to see the progress made in this sprint (summary in Release Notes).  Thank you to the whole team for your continued great work.





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          Greg -


              The metadata sample demonstrates how metadata can be placed on an IMediaResource, and used to  give the framework more information about the resource.  The MediaFactory uses this information to determine which type of media a given resource points to.  One of the intial problems we encountered when creating a media factory that created MediaElements from URLResources, was the inability to distinguish between image, video, and audio urls, since the extension isn't a guaranteed way.


          The Metadata framework, that was developed last sprint was provided to enable metadata such as XMP, Namevalue, and Cuepoints.  Not all specific classes that hold this data haven't been created yet however.  The logic to add metadata automatically hasn't been placed in the framework yet.


          It's currenty possible to retrieve onPlaystatus, onMetadata, onXMPData, onImagedata, and onCuepoint callbacks:


          var videoElement:VideoElement



          [After videoElement loads]

          videoElement.client.addHandler(NetStreamCodes.ON_XMP_DATA, onXMPData);


          function onXMPData(info:Object):void


             //Process XMP here.



          Hope this helps.

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            RyanOConnell Level 2

            One more thing I forgot to mention:  There is a phase 2 for the metadata feature.  Here is the spec: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/osmf/MediaElement+Metadata+support.

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