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    Flatten artwork

    magritte Level 1

      I have an Illustrator file(vector work all made in illustrator)
      its one layer with around 30 sub layers.

      I want to Flatten all sublayers , how do i do that?

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          [scott] Level 6

          You can adjust what the Layer Panel shows by choosing "Panel Options" from the Layer Panel menu. And they check the box to "Show Top Layers Only."


          If you want everything together you can group everything or use the Pathfinder commands to merge items.

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            magritte Level 1

            maibe i wasnt clear what I would like to do,

            i have to send to a magazine my work in eps file,its vector, but i would like to make samhou flatten work that they dont see how i made the work,but because it is with 30 layers and each has many sublayers i dont know how to murge all of them,if i use the pathfinder it doesnt work... any ideas? how to lock or flattern the work,please

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              [scott] Level 6

              If it's for reproduction, I wouldn't worry about it. No one is going to pick apart your eps file. Or rather, it's exceptionally rare that someone cares how you created the file.


              No matter what you do, an eps will be editable to some degree.

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                PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

                .eps is a flat format (does not support transparency) so if you're looking to flatten the work simply saving out an .eps will do. If you truly want no one to be able to see how the file was created you might consider a .tiff format at the correct resolution for the magazine production, .this would take the file out of the vector world.

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                  PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

                  If you are looking to Merge layers before you flatten, just Shift select all the layers you want to merge and use the pull down menu in the layers panel Merge Selected.