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    what tool removes colors


      I have a picture that I need to remove all colors except a pinstripe design which is white.  I then would like to convert the white pinstripe to black.  the end result will be a black and white picture.  any help would be great.  Brian

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          pixlor Level 4

          Woah. Tricky.


          Off the top of my head...

          • Try taking a copy of the image and increasing the contrast until it's extreme and the pinstriping is very white and the rest of the image is black. The buckles will turn white, too.
          • Erase as much black as you can (select with rectangular selection or magic wand, hit the delete key), and the buckles.
          • Invert the image so white is black and black is white.
          • Layer this over the original (they're the same size so the pinstripes should align), and experiment with different blending modes. Maybe Darker, maybe Multiply.


          Try a quick-and-dirty version to see if the concept works. Then go back and see what you need to be more precise about.

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            pixlor Level 4

            A (possibly) better approach...

            Duplicate the image (maybe to a new layer), invert the color, then use the filter under Other to set to alpha.

            Then, carefully delete everything that isn't the pin stripes. This is very tricky, because some of the detail is sub pixel. If you have a larger image, it would be easier to work with.


            A start:


            Put your .jpg in under this bitmap object. I had to remove it for upload or the file was too big.

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              thanks...I will try that also...I appreciate your feedback.



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                Thank you very much.  That worked great.  I sure appreciate your feedback.