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    AME Freezing before encoding

    mikerana Level 1

      I'm not sure if this question was posted in the appropriate section, but I'm new to this forum.


      First off my problem:


      I have one large video (almost three hours long) that I'm editing.  Nothing big, just extracting clips from within pasting them within blank timelines for ease in conversion with AME.  Call the large movie "Movie".


      I paste the extracted clip into a blank timeline.  We'll call this "Sequence2".  Now I go to the file menu, select Export, Media.

      I verify the settings of the destination file.

      AME adds "Movie.prproj" to the list.


      I click "Start Queue" and it hangs.  I have to use Task Manager to kill the process.




      Second off, the specs on the Computer that's doing this:

      Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.6Ghz

      12GB DDR3 RAM

      320GB HD (I'm using one of this size until my next paycheck comes through)

      Windows Ultimate 64-bit.

      Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 with AME.  I think AME is a 32-bit application, since Task Manager shows me a *32 next to its' process.


      My question to you (the reader):

      Why is AME freezing up the way it is?

      I have read a few forums that mention black frames and blank timelines; I don't think either one applies to me.  Maybe it does.