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    Newbi question that is increasingly annoying to figure out....

    Ricky-T Level 3

      Hi, the only experience i had using Premier Pro was at uni to export videos, so i don't know what i'm doing here.

      All i want to do is bring in a bunch of images, and make them run all together for a set amount of time.

      I have 600 JPG images exported from Maya, and i have brought them into Premier to export as a video, but when i bring them in, each frame is way too long. Selecting all frames and the right clicking and going to speed/duration, and setting it down to 1 so it runs basically 0.1ms per frame (or so i thought it would do), obviously didnt work. It made each frame last for that amount of time, but with big gapes between each frame. I looked into how to remove this, and came to Ripple Delete. This only work 1 at a time though, and selecting all and right clicking and going to Delete Ripple near the top of the menu just randomly deletes ever frame leaving me with nothing?? This seems like such as simple thing to do but it is hard to figure out.

      I also tried changing the fps when starting up the project from 25fps to something higher, but it woudn't let me.

      Please help, it'd be greatly appreciated!!