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    Beginning serious actionscript


      Hello,  I am a long time flash user and game programmer.  I've got a grasp of actionscript, and I can use it to do all kinds of simple things, but I want to program in flash the same way that Id program a game with other compilers, such as java or basic.  I'm looking to find some free resources that will help me learn all of this.


      I tried doing it on my own with only the resources that come with flash, using loops instead of the timeline to run things, and I'm missing simple things such as updating the screen.  I don't know if I need to import some files, or I'm missing the command, but a demonstration of a simple and working game would do, or some tutorials/reference.


      I've got Flash MX 2004, with actionscript 2.0.  Will I need an upgrade in order to hard code games in flash?