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    Premiere Elements Hangs During Disk Burn


      I've created a project using the timeline and can't get it to burn to a DVD without hanging during the "Burning Disc" part of the process.   I know the DVD burner works properly; I burned 4 data DVD's earlier today using the same media.


      I've got a quad core Intel machine with 8GB RAM, 1GB video RAM, more than 265GB free on the HD where the project is, and about 500GB free on a data drive, running Vista home Premium, and the only program I am running is Premiere Elements 7.


      The software appears to go through the process of starting the burn (progress bar goes through the menus, then the data, but freezes at about 5% into burn process - progress bar stops between "n" and "g" of "Burning disc 1 of 1" below progress bar.  I've let it sit there for an hour!  Project is a total of 18min of video, and should be about 1.8GB on the DVD when completed.


      Task Mangler shows Premiere Elements grabbing about 7GB of resources, but it never grabs any CPU time after the hang, so I'm pretty sure I could let it sit in this state indefinatly.


      I understand that all software has its peculiar habits, but between the 5.1 audio bug (can not use Sceneline) and this I am VERY dissapointed with the software.  If it won't complete the burn process, the software is of no use at all.


      Any help or advice on what I might be doing wrong would be appreciated.  If there is more data I can provide to help figure out what is going on I would be most appreciative.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          First, tell use about, and in as much detail as is possible:


          1.) your Project


          2.) your Assets (your AV files, stills, etc.)


          3.) your navigation, i.e. your Disc layout with Menus, etc.


          Also, can you Burn to Folder and use ImgBurn to physically burn the DVD-Video? This is but a test.


          Thanks for the info, and good luck,



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            Sherlockbonz Level 1

            I'll do that, but first I'm adding to the project little by little to see

            what makes it unhappy!  So far I successfully burned disks with all the

            video (unedited), with a menu applied, with my still in the menu, and with

            several scene select markers.  I do a little more then burn a disk, hoping

            to find that one thing causing my grief...

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I hope that you are burning to DVD RW discs for these tests to cut down on "coasters." Now, I do not mean to use RW media for the delivery, just for the tests.


              I also recommend using Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden media for the delivery and burning at the slowest possible speed. This where a burning program like ImgBurn comes in handy. It will allow one to use the slowest possible speed. PrE will do a survey of the speed of the burner and of the medial and then chose the fastest burn speed possible. As moment saved here can well be lost if one has to reburn just one disc, because it will not play on some set-top player.


              Good luck,



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                Sherlockbonz Level 1

                Well, through about 7 steps I finally burned an almost equal to my original

                project.  There were only three screens of scene selection (I dropped out

                four menu items to eliminate two of the 5 screens) and it burned fine.


                Sony media.


                Now I'm just more confused as to why this would work when doing it in a

                single editing session wouldn't.  I guess tomorrow's another night to play.


                Thanks for the input and if I can think of any other potential causes I'll

                let you know...

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  Now I'm just more confused as to why this would work when doing it in a single editing session wouldn't.


                  There could be any of several factors at work here. Without seeing a layout of your exact Project, with full details, I can only guess.


                  One possibility could be that something in the later Chapters is slightly amiss. Things like Stop Markers being too close to Chapter Markers can cause problems. Because of the semi-automatic authoring in PrE, some conventions need to be taken into account. Steve Grisetti covers about all of these very well in his book on PrE7, HERE.


                  One of the problems with PrE's authoring capabilities and also those of Encore (the "big-brother" authoring-only program that is now part of PrPro) is that they are based on the licensed Sonic Authorcore. It is a modular system, and is also the basis for Sonic's US$50,000 modular program, Scenarist. Because of its modular nature, the various modules do not talk with each other, the OS or even the Adobe "abstraction layer," which is what ties these modules into the Adobe product. Hence, error messages are often totally absent, or at best crytic as heck. This has been a big complaint for years with Adobe authoring apps. Unfortunately, Sonic hold the patents on most of the "guts," so Adobe has to use what Sonic wrote, and live with how Sonic implemented some things.


                  A few competitive programs use code that skirts the Sonic code, but just within the legalities (some law suits still continue). A few of these have done a better job with regards to error messages that make some sense and can actually be helpful to the end-user.


                  When things go wrong, the end-user is often left in the dark as to what they did wrong. This can make troubleshooting a nightmare. If they get an error at all (usually just a hang, or crash), it's worse than the Di Vinci Code.


                  This is one of the reasons that Steve's book is so valuable - it tells you, in exacting detail, how you need to do things, so that they do work. He covers most of the little "gottchas," that lurk in the authroing workflow.


                  I'd dissect the second part of your Project (the part that failed on you), and look for things like Marker placement, especially relatative to each other. I wish that I had a list for, or knowledge of, all of the thngs that can go wrong, but I do all of my authoring manually, and do not even use Chapter Markers, because of my normal workflow. Even books, such as Steve's, will mostly tell you what TO do, and to do it. Few will go into finite detail on what NOT to do. That is just the nature of a technical teaching book.


                  There are a lot of knowledgable people here, who DO use PrE for their authoring, and understand the ins-and-outs of it far better than I do. If a redo of your second part yields the same hang/crash, I'd sit down, write out in detail what exactly you have both on your Timeline and in your Disc layout. Screen-caps of these would be helpful too, showing as much detail as possible, especially with regards to thing like Markers. Chances are good that someone will spot possible problems to help you correct those.


                  Having gotten "part 1" done, at least you can concentrate on "part 2."


                  Good luck, and please let us know how it goes. Also, maybe others can join in and mention other "gottchas," to look out for and to avoid.



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                    paulgoelz Level 1

                    Let's back up a second..... you said Task Mangler (I like that one) reports PE is consuming 7GB of RAM?  That doesn't sound right, but if so, I would have expected it to have crashed long ago.  PE is a 32 bit app and can't use more than a total of 4GB of RAM (virtual or physical).


                    Another long shot.... is either of your drives a Seagate by chance?  I just had a Seagate 7200.11 1TB drive fail in a way that is pretty identical to yours.  I was doing a DVD render (in Vegas) and the process would stall without completing.  Because that version Seagate drive is prone to failure, I have always suspected it so the first thing I did was check the drive out.  Turns out it goes offline during long reads or writes.  For shorter tasks it is fine.  Just a thought, but the symptom fits.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      I encountered similar with old USB 250GB Maxtor externals. They always wanted to hibernate, regardless of what was going on.


                      There were no settings in those drivers, or in any setup. I gave up on them for anything but small backups. I had similar with some other USB's and quickly ditched them all for FW-800 connections.


                      Good luck,



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                        Adam Adamowicz Level 1

                        Very often there is a problem with custom DVD Template. If You are preparing your own DVD Template You have to remember several important issues. Remember about DVD standard (NTSC or PAL) and it's pixel size.


                        I prepared PSD file for my DVD Template for PAL widescreen with pixel size 1024x576 (square pixel for widescreen)

                        "Burn to Folder" hangs than if I have more than one scene menu screen.

                        That was wrong, because it should be 720x576 (1.422 pixel aspect ratio for 16x9 widescrean in PAL)


                        After correction problem with burning to folder disappear.

                        There are some references for creating customized DVD Template