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    Flash, swf icons: what do they mean?




      I have purchased CS4 and am in the process of learning the various tools.

      There is, however, one issue that has always confused me.


      There is one icon that looks like this:  a white paper with a red f and a red bar with the white letters swf

      There is a second icon that looks like this: red square with the white letter "f"


      Could someone please distinguish those two icons for me?  And perhaps in the context of the following:


      I have a software system, X,  that says it uploads flash, and the icon one can click on is the first one, above.

      I have a software system, Y,  that says it outputs to flash, and the icon is the second one I listed.


      But I cannot get X to read Y's output.


      And I think it comes down to my confusion as to what the two icons really mean.


      Again, I have CS4, so I am assuming I can port from one to the other; but what are they?


      Thank you in advance,