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    Parts missing on PP CS3 workspace window when opening...Weird!


      When I open a 1 hr project the opening workspace has missing elements of the window. If I click on some missing elements they appear. Then if the workspace window actually opens properly, clicking on the drop down menus also have missing elements. Then when I scrub the CTI it leaves a trace of every position it was during that move. Then finally, when I go to File>Preferences> Memory it crashes completely and vanishes.Can't render a piece without it crashin


      A bit of histry, I replaced the system mobo a couple of months ago and it appears ok after that. Rendered just fine, but for some reason, it's not working now. I swapped the Graphics card and  I have removed and reinstalled Production Prem CS3 2x and still the same problem. I can't edit 'cause the cursor  "sticks' to the cti or whatever tool I use. I frequently get out of memory warnings and the system appears really sluggish even though I have a Quad Core CPU. The overall application seems like its running on an under powered under memory machine but I have maxed out the mem on this XP 32 bit system.


      Att is a few pics to identify the problem..


      Any suggestions before I tear it down and rework it !!??